A hosted service to visually build interactive messaging applications.

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Msgs Module

The Msgs Module contains all models associated with storing individual incoming and outgoing messages with users.


A Broadcast represents an outgoing message to a set of Contacts, either created by a user or encompassing more than one Contact. A Broadcast does not represent any individual message or message content, but rather represents the intent of the user to send a message to a set of Contacts.


The Msg model represents a single incoming or outgoing message to a Contact. It is tied to a particular Contact, ContactURN and Channel and it maintains the state of the message within RapidPro. (whether it has been handled yet, sent yet, etc)

Msg is a logical representation of the message, ie, even if the message spans multiple physical SMS messages, it will be stored as a single Msg object by RapidPro.

It also contains timing information on when the Msg was created, sent, delivered as well as any external ids tracked during the sending process.


The Call model represents an incoming or outgoing Call event. These are created by the Android relayer when phone calls or made or received on the handset.


Users may choose to group Msgs using a Label, this Model acts as the foreign key for those labels.