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Contacts Module

The Contacts module contains all logic related to users which are interacting with the system via a Channel.


A ContactURN represents an address for a contact. As all URN’s, ContactURNs are composed of a scheme and path which varies depending on the type of address. For SMS and IVR interactions, the scheme is tel and a typical ContactURN might look like tel:+250788123123

Internally RapidPro stores all numbers in E164 format and uses the convention that any number that starts with a + is a number that has been deemed valid by the phonenumbers library.

Currently the only other scheme supported by RapidPro is twitter, which has ContactURN’s in the form: twitter:rapidpro


A Contact represents a logical user that interacts with the system. A single contact may have more than one ContactURN of differing schemes, such as one phone number and one Twitter handle.


Users can choose to add fields to the Contact on their organization, those fields are represented by this Model, which stores the label of the field, it’s key (which is used in Flows) and type.


ContactGroups represent a grouping of Contacts with a label by the user. ContactGroup may either by defined by the user adding or removing users to it or by a query.