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Campaigns Module

Campaigns represent both the definition and logging of personalized timed actions with Contacts. Campaigns are often used for DRIP-like communications such as sensitivity messaging or maternity reminders.


The Campaign model defines the name of the campaign, as well as the ContactGroup it operates on. Otherwise it simply acts as a way of grouping the events within it.


A CampaignEvent represents an action that is performed at a time relative to a datetime on a Contact. As such, it must define the ContactField it is relative to, the offset to that field, as well as the action to perform.

Just like Triggers, though the user is presented with two types of CampaignEvent actions (flow or message), both are implemented as Flows internally.


The EventFire model captures both past and future schedules of individual CampaignEvents on Contacts. The next firing time for CampaignEvents are calculated on every change of a Contact and EventFire objects are created to track these future events.

Every minute a celery task runs to fire any expired EventFire events. Once fired EventFire objects are marked as complete.