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Channels Module

The Channels module contains the logic required to send and receive messages, both to the Android devices and outside aggregators.


A Channel represents a way of sending or receiving messages with RapidPro. An organization can have more than one Channel, each with it’s own type and configuration. Channels are in charge of defining how messages are delivered and received, for example, they implement the proper format to deliver a message to Twilio or Nexmo as well as other aggregators.


The ChannelLog simply provides a way of logging outgoing messages so that providers can debug why messages may be having trouble being sent. As keeping a full record of every request and response to Channels would be prohibitive, only the most recent events are stored at any point in time.


The SyncEvent model stores the most recent statistics around Android Channels syncing with the RapidPro service. This includes the battery level of the device, it’s network connectivity and number of pending messages.


The Alert model is used to keep track of e-mail alerts sent to users when Channels experience errors sending messages.